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The Project

Chill Welfare CIC was established as a social enterprise in 2015 in response to drug related deaths at music events and the changing trends in the use of alcohol, poly drugs, club drugs and legal highs.

Their main aims are to keep people safe by reducing the harms caused by alcohol and other drugs, support mental wellbeing and promote sexual health. The core part of the business is to offer one to one support to people experiencing a mental health crisis involving pyscho social and peer support taking therapies.

Identifying a brand/image that was representative of this led my focus to the name and the association of a chill out space. The logo needed to be something that was easily identifiable and give some indication of the services that they provided. Professional, calming, approachable and easily identifiable were the core foundation of how the business should be presented.


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Technology Stack

The core component of the stack is wordpress with Zurb Foundation utilised as the front end framework. The site is currently under development

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